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Why Front is the next pioneer of the FinTech industry

FinTech industry

Most people who have tried their hand at investing have likely hit a brick wall once or twice. Front is here to finally change that. Front CEO and tech entrepreneur Bam Azizi is the co-founder of an impressive resume of companies that have made the lives of users significantly easier. After eliminating the hassle of juggling hundreds of passwords with NoPassword, he is back at it again to relieve the stress and uncertainty of playing the stock market for new investors.

Over the last six months, users who have used Front saw a 55.39% increase in their stock portfolios. This impressive statistic actually beat those who followed the S&P 500 as an investment guide, who only saw a 34.91% increase over the same period of time.

So what’s the secret?

Front features unique algorithms and resources tailored specifically for each individual user. The app’s cutting-edge interface allows users to strategically invest their money in areas of interest, and capitalize on their stock portfolios in a seamless manner.

Investor confidence in Front isn’t solely based on user confidence in the app. In early September, Front saw an impressive 100k worth of assets under management, signifying that Front will become a serious contender in the FinTech space in the near future. With a growing user base of more than 2,500 just over the last two weeks and over 15,000 more on the waiting list, Bam is once again proving his tech expertise and promise as an industry pioneer.

After selling NoPassword to Logmein in 2018, Bam set off to pursue another passion. Forever influenced by the horrors of the 2008 recession and watching the world spin in reverse amidst a mid-pandemic slide, Bam is motivated now more than ever to make a permanent change in the financial world.

“80% of retail investors are losing money after 12 months – creating a large market of consumers that don’t get any value from using popular brokerage products on their own,” said Bam when asked about the strife retail investors face. Identifying this problem in the retail market opens up a world of opportunity for casual investors who are looking to successfully play the market, but may not know where to start.

Most retail investors can agree that the stock market shouldn’t be partial to powerful financial firms and hedge funds who have access to unlimited resources. As the little guy, casual investors want to take what extra cash they have and try to double in a modest way. Front finally gives its users a chance to do that.

Front invites investors from beginner to advanced to utilize its innovative app and seamlessly make money. Users can start by downloading the free app and integrating their brokerage account of choice. From there, Front will begin to provide users with strategic stock picks and all of the necessary information to make the best investments possible. Please visit to learn more and follow Front on social media to receive real-time updates and helpful stock advice.

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