Where Can You Find Out About Airdrops?

Where Can You Find Out About Airdrops

Airdrops are exciting for some. In order to create larger communities and reward early users, many crypto projects have decided to airdrop their first users with free tokens or NFTs. This trend started on September 17th, 2020, where any wallet that used Uniswap before September 1st, 2020 was eligible to claim 400 $UNI tokens on the Uniswap protocol for free

The airdrop perhaps worked fine for the Uniswap team, because it generated buzz over the project and helped the Uniswap ecosystem to grow. Since the success of the Uniswap airdrop, many various crypto projects have started creating their own airdrops, enticing users to come and join their platform. rewarded its early users with its own token, the WTF token

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What are the best resources where one can find out about future and upcoming airdrops?

The first thing to know is that no airdrop is guaranteed, and most of the juiciest airdrops are not publicly announced in order to prevent “airdrop junkies”.

Many youtubers have been preaching about a potential ZkSync airdrop, however so far there has been no airdrop created for SkSync. People were talking about the Open Sea marketplace, the largest NFT marketplace in the world by volume, performing an airdrop, but in the end a different project not associated with Opensea, OpenDao, airdropped its own token (the $SOS token) to all people that performed a transaction on Open Sea before a certain date. 

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Therefore, most of the juiciest airdrops will come from pure speculation, as well as starting to play with these projects nice and early before they reach the masses. But, overall there are two kinds of airdrops: the “marketing” airdrops mainly destined for airdrop junkies, and the “pioneer” airdrops destined for the early adopters of a project.

Marketing airdrops

These are called ‘airdrops’ but are not truly airdrops because they require some amount of work. When certain projects (usually smaller projects) want to generate buzz for their NFT project or crypto project, they say that they will “airdrop” a small amount of money (usually around $20 to $50 worth of a certain cryptocurrency) in exchange for simple tasks, like retweeting one of their tweets or inviting some friends to their Discord server.

These “marketing” airdrops do require a bit of work. Most airdrops happen on Discord servers, and require the person to be somewhat of an active member inside the Discord channel.

pioneer airdrops

These are the “classic” airdrops that we think about, where a project rewards its early adopters with free tokens. These “pioneer” airdrops are tough to predict and generally require a lot of luck. The “pioneer” airdrops are almost never announced by the project or the team, in order to prevent a high accumulation of airdrop junkies.

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So, where can I find out about airdrops?

For the airdrop junkies, there are many free Telegram groups and Discord channels that exist out there which promote only airdrops. A rather large (and popular) airdrop Telegram group is the Airdrop Inspector, with over 1.6 million subscribers tuning in. In general, one must be very careful about which airdrop groups he joins, because there are many airdrop groups out there that are complete scams.

Of course, some people would prefer to go visit a webpage in order to find all current (and upcoming) airdrops. A well-known website for current airdrops is – it does its best to list all current (and past) airdrops in one easy-to-use webpage. However, this website does not provide information for potential future airdrops. 

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When looking for future airdrops, usually knowing whether a crypto project has a token or not is an incredibly good start.

Most crypto projects that already have a token are less likely to want to airdrop another token. A good resource for finding projects that have not already had their token (therefore perhaps eligible for an airdrop), is DefiLlama. Of course, it is important to note that anything that DefiLlama lists may never have its own airdrop.


As the crypto space gets filled with airdrop junkies, we will probably not see as many insane airdrops with relevant rewards as we used to.

That being said, staying informed in the crypto space and playing around with new protocols can definitely lead to some nice airdrops. For guaranteed airdrops, the “marketing” airdrops may require a little bit more work, but they are more likely to be distributed to the participants. However, the “pioneer” airdrops tend to be larger in the dollar amount of crypto airdrops made.

Although there is no central resource for all airdrops, some websites (such as can assist users in understanding how to collect certain airdrops, or even find out about certain airdrops that they did not even know they were eligible for!

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