Top Companies by Market Cap

Top Advertising and Marketing Stocks by Market Cap

Top Advertising and Marketing Stocks by Market Cap

Few industries benefited from the COVID-19 crisis like the advertising and marketing industry. The pandemic helped create the WFM culture and accelerated the digitization process, increasing the demand from small, large and medium businesses to strengthen their online presence. 

Because of their impact, it’s no surprise that advertising and marketing companies have grown exponentially. Here’s a list of the biggest ads and marketing companies by market cap. 

Rank Name Front Score
1 Omnicom Group (OMC) $16.04B 636
2 Wpp Plc American Depositary (WPP) $14.01B 526
3 The Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG) $13.09B 663
4 CIMPRESS (CMPR) $0.82B 482
5 Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) $0.52B 487
6 Quotient Technology (QUOT) $0.31B 509
8 National Cinemedia (NCMI) $0.04B 487

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