Companies in the business of credit services are household names in American society. Those of you who have a credit or debit card know full and well what we’re talking about – and those of you who don’t will likely know a thing or two about the companies in this sector.

Four members of this list – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover – operate their own payment networks. They have an outsized influence on the world of money in Western civilization, namely because of their role in facilitating transfers and payments between consumers and businesses. 

Some names on this list are directly involved in issuing credit cards. Among them are American Express and Discover, but also other companies such as Synchrony Financial and Capital One. PayPal and Western Union exist as platforms for payment processing and money transmitting, but also have a presence in the business of credit.

All in all, these companies are all about the money – here’s the biggest companies in the business of credit services that we are tracking on Front:

Rank Name Market Cap Front Score
1 Visa (V) $409.96B 641
2 Mastercard (MA) $346.18B 608
3 American Express (AXP) $117.13B 625
4 PayPal (PYPL) $85.11B 531
5 Capital One Financial (COF) $37.29B 570
6 Discover Financial Services (DFS) $28.80B 625
7 Orix (IX) $19.91B 581
8 Synchrony Financial (SYF) $15.90B 581
9 Credit Acceptance (CACC) $6.13B 509
10 The Western Union (WU) $5.58B 564
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