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Front welcomes Youtube influencer Ryan Scribner and Jordan & Bubba Page as new evangelist investors


Retail investors are steadily taking over the stock market, accounting for 23% of all US equity trading to date, and this is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Robinhood alone contributes with a whopping 22 million total users in 2021. Along with the exponential number of Robinhood accounts opened, there’s also an increasing appetite for reliable information, trading strategies and decision-making tools that amplify portfolio performance. 

This new generation of retail investors is often drawn to a rather narrow series of stocks and investment strategies due to misinformation and the ability to make relatively risk-free decisions, which comes after years of market experience and access to exclusive and expensive information. 

Front believes that everyone should have access to information and the necessary tools to level up the investment game for amateur traders and create real investment opportunities. The Front app is currently used by almost 100k Millenials and Gen Z investors looking for investment advice. Our mission is to put the power of data-driven, strategic investing in people’s hands and give everyone a chance to build stronger financial outcomes. 

Because of this, Front is thrilled to announce two influencers as new evangelist investors, as more key players empathize with the mission of bringing more clarity to the investment field. 

With over 700k youtube subscribers, Ryan Scribner has explained to +50 million viewers the basics of investing, like his video on how to research stocks for beginners in 2021 and helped people make educated decisions about what to do with their money. 

“Mastering money is a game only a few can play. I want to help people fight for their financial freedom. Once you become financially confident, everything starts making so much more sense. The Front App is a great place to start understanding how the money game works.”  – Youtube influencer Ryan Scribner.

Jordan and Bubba Page are also a powerhouse when it comes to financial advice. With  nearly 1M subscribers to Jordan’s FunCheapOrFree Youtube channel and almost 600k Instagram followers looking for the best budget and money hacks. They’re so impactful that Jordan exceeded her goal of helping her customers from BudgetBootCamp and to pay off $100M worth of debt, and instead archived a record of $102,000,000 of debts paid!

“We need more tools to make finance easier.  Financial struggle is a serious obstacle for families, especially the most vulnerable ones, that’s why we’re supporting apps like Front, to help people find their way to financial freedom and find real ways to become debt-free.”  – Bubba Page, Co-Founder of the Page Company. 

Other influencers that have also collaborated with Front are Graham Stephan and the entire Stefamily

Front has raised over $4M to date, with more than $500 million worth of assets connected to the app via existing brokers. Download the Front app from any iOS or Android device and get stock and crypto insights for free. 

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