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Front Welcomes Former Executive of Soros Fund Management and Former SVP of Ellie Mae to Advisory Board

Front welcomes former COO Soros Fund SVP Ellie Mae to advisory board

The retail investing boom has led to momentous growth in trading activity, investment app adoption, and social media finance communities–with millennials and Gen Z investors at the center of it all.

In 2020 alone, at least 10 million new investors entered the stock market and retail trading activity doubled. This unparalleled access to stocks and cryptocurrencies that defines today’s investment landscape hasn’t necessarily amounted to more financial opportunity for young investors.

While the American stock market compounds at approximately 10 percent per year, most new investors find themselves vulnerable to an inflated market that is increasingly volatile, drowning in a sea of meme stocks and pseudo investing advice.

We believe that everyone should have the data and tools they need to become better investors and take advantage of real investing opportunities. This drives our vision for Front: to put the power of data-driven, strategic investing in people’s hands and give everyone a chance to build stronger financial outcomes.

Today, Front is excited to announce the addition of two new members to our advisory board, as we continue to make our mark in the evolving fintech industry.

Abbas (“Eddy”) Zuaiter, Managing Member and CIO at Zuaiter Capital Holdings has joined the Front advisory board. Eddy served as COO & Member of Investment and  Management Committees at Soros Fund Management for over a decade. He brings extensive experience in the alternative asset management and FinTech industries  to Front.

Selim Aissi, Former SVP at Ellie Mae, has also joined the Front advisory board. At Ellie Mae, Selim was responsible for Security Engineering, Operations, Strategy, Cyber Resilience, and GRC. Prior to Ellie Mae, Selim served as the VP of Global Information Security at Visa, where he transformed Visa’s information security program into the industry leader, led critical security programs–like product security innovation, and drove global growth and data center expansion. Front is honored to leverage his years of finance industry experience on our path to success.

“Front is paving the way for a new generation of investors to make smarter investment decisions. I’m thrilled to lend my expertise to this technology-driven mission that can elevate the financial futures for millions of people.” – Selim Aissi

Front’s advisory board features many technology and finance industry leaders, including:

  • Abbas F. (“Eddy”) Zuaiter, Managing Member and CIO at Zuaiter Capital Holdings and Former Executive at Soros Fund Management
  • Selim Aissi, Former SVP at Ellie Mae and Former VP at Visa
  • Chris Bishko, Former SFO at Credible and Former Partner at Omidyar Venture
  • David Andre, CSO at Google and Former CEO at Cerebellum Quant Fund
  • Jim DuBois, Partner at Ignition (Fuse) Partners and Former CIO at Microsoft
  • Shahriyar Matloub, Director of AI at Target and Former VP at Knight Capital Group
  • Dan Rubinstein, CEO of Physera, and Former Google and Facebook
  • Chris Eoyang, VP of Boom and Former Partner at Goldman Sachs
  • Shawn Douglass, CEO and Co-Founder at Amberdata and Former Partner at EMC Venture

We are honored and thrilled to be working alongside some of the most influential players in the technology and finance industries, as we become an emerging leader in one the fastest-growing fintech arenas. We look forward to sharing our success and more exciting announcements as we prepare to launch the next generation of our investment app. In August 2021, our new app gives the Front investing community access to top investors, investment portfolio analysis and our exclusive Front Score, the world of cryptocurrency investing via Coinbase, and more.


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Front is the ultimate investing community powered by real investors and smart technology. The Front app helps a new generation of investors make better investment decisions with social investing, portfolio analysis, and a community of experts all in one. Connect any broker to see all investments in one place, with a single score from Front to help build a stronger portfolio. 

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Front was founded in 2020 to help people build stronger financial futures. Front is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with the SEC. Learn more at

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