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Front Premium: Why Smarter Tools Can Make Smarter Investors.

Front premium

Who says we all do not want the best? Whether that be the best job, best car, best retirement plan, etc. I have yet to meet one person who was okay with being mediocre; Which makes you wonder… If I want to be the best or have the best, why does this not translate into my investments and stock portfolio? 

🎙️Cue Front Premium!

While many other investment apps offer a plethora of information, Front Premium is different. Not only does it include all the things you love about the original version of Front; it also provides three unique features that will give you a better understanding of your investments. 

Premium Includes:

  • Portfolio Optimization 
  • Asset Health Analysis
  • ESG Analysis
  • IPO Alerts
  • Earnings Calendars
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Front Score
  • Social Feed

Front Premium is a subscription plan that gives you a deeper analysis of your portfolio. Rather than just getting the run of the mill stock information like gains and losses; The premium version will provide you with a boatload of details that you never knew you needed- which may contribute to your investor bragging rights 🙌

Here are the three main features of Front Premium and more detail about them directly from the creators:

🚀 Portfolio Optimization

front premium

The main takeaway from our portfolio optimization feature is that it will take your connected assets and test it at different risk levels. Meaning, you will be able to manually adjust the risk level of your investments to see how it has performed historically!

Portfolio optimization is not only historical performance within different risk levels but also an optimized/ hypothetical asset allocation illustrating how your assets could potentially perform.

As we know, all portfolios have risks embedded in them: systematic risk which the market dictates and cannot be predicted and non-systematic risk which can be somewhat predicted and decreased by diversification.

With this Front Premium feature, the risk is calculated with your current portfolio by allocating assets in different percentages rather than adding or removing assets. The goal of this is to optimize the possibility for potential return based on what risk level you are with!

🌎 ESG Analysis

front premium

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. With Front Premium, we want you to invest your money where your heart goes!

This tool is like a moral compass of the company based on things like environmental responsibility, global warming, diversity, and equality. We know how important it is that the companies we love to invest in are doing right by their investors!

The ESG score allows you to determine the importance of these certain factors and make portfolio adjustments you deem necessary! The ESG analysis gives insight into if the companies we love to invest in are doing good by society and the environment.

🧑‍⚕️ Asset Health Analysis

Front premium

The Asset Health Analysis feature takes your existing portfolio and splits the stocks based on your Front Score. We then make a list of what is positively and negatively impacting said score. Along with that, it gives you the fair price of your stocks and the option to view if your assets are undervalued, correctly valued, or overvalued in real time! 

Front Basic Vs Front Premium: What’s the difference? 

Front premium

So, what are we thinking? Considering giving Front Premium a try? 


Because we are offering a 14 day free-trail along with a free NFT to premium subscribers! 

No time like the present, Frontiers! 

Click here to to launch your Free Trial on iOS. 🚀
Or go here to get started on Android. 🚀

Invest like a Pro.

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*NFT Disclaimer 

This offer is limited to one NFT per customer. Front has no relationship with OpenSea or any of the companies we mention to claim a free NFT. It is your own responsibility to make sure your crypto wallets are properly configured to receive the NFT we will send you. The NFT that eligible users will receive is an art collectible stored on the blockchain. It may or may not have a monetary value in the future. Transferring the NFT or disposing of the NFT may generate transaction or “gas fees”. Front will not cover any of these fees. Front is not responsible for any improper instructions provided by Opensea, Polygon, or Coinbase on managing a crypto wallet or configuring the polygon network on their Crypto wallets.If you are unsure of how to handle a crypto wallet, it is recommended that you use a new crypto wallet specifically for this promotion. Front is not responsible for any loss of funds you may experience caused by a mistake when handling your crypto wallets for the purpose of this promotion. These NFTs may have a monetary value in the future which may carry tax consequences. Consult a tax professional. The purpose of this promotion is to provide a finite number of customers who sign-up for our premium services an art collectible as a token of appreciation. Front will not provide technical support on how to use a crypto wallet. It is the responsibility of the eligible Front Premium subscriber to figure out the mechanics of how an NFT is stored in a crypto wallet on the Polygon network. NFTs may fluctuate in value. NFTs may have fees and charges associated with, liquidating or transferring them to others. NFTs may not be considered securities and may have limited regulatory oversight. NFTs offered are not recommendations or solicitations to purchase by Front Financial and may not be suitable for all investors. Front suggests that you discuss how NFTs may impact your taxes with your tax advisor. Front Financial recommends that prospective owners of NFTs perform their own due diligence on both the asset class and specific NFT.


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