NFTs Giveaway
Terms and Conditions

As an incentive to attract and enroll new customers, Front Financial (“Front”) will give away NFTs to the first 100 users that start a Front Prime Subscription. 

  1. This offer is limited to one NFT per customer. 
  2. Front has no relationship with OpenSea or any of the companies we mention to claim a free NFT. 
  3. It is your own responsibility to make sure your crypto wallets are properly configured to receive the NFT we will send you. 
  4. The NFT that eligible users will receive is an art collectible stored on the blockchain. It may or may not have a monetary value in the future. 
  5. Transferring the NFT or disposing of the NFT may generate transaction or “gas fees”. Front will not cover any of these fees. 
  6. Front is not responsible for any improper instructions provided by Opensea, Polygon, or Coinbase on managing a crypto wallet or configuring the polygon network on their Crypto wallets.
  7. If you are unsure of how to handle a crypto wallet, it is recommended that you use a new crypto wallet specifically for this promotion. 
  8. Front is not responsible for any loss of funds you may experience caused by a mistake when handling your crypto wallets for the purpose of this promotion. 
  9. These NFTs may have a monetary value in the future which may carry tax consequences. Consult a tax professional. 
  10. The purpose of this promotion is to provide a finite number of customers who sign-up for our premium services an art collectible as a token of appreciation. 
  11. Front will not provide technical support on how to use a crypto wallet. It is the responsibility of the eligible Front Premium subscriber to figure out the mechanics of how an NFT is stored in a crypto wallet on the Polygon network.
  12. NFTs may fluctuate in value.
  13. NFTs may have fees and charges associated with, liquidating or transferring them to others.
  14. NFTs may not be considered securities and may have limited regulatory oversight.
  15. NFTs offered are not recommendations or solicitations to purchase by Front Financial and may not be suitable for all investors. 
  16. Front suggests that you discuss how NFTs may impact your taxes with your tax advisor. 
  17. Front Financial recommends that prospective owners of NFTs perform their own due diligence on both the asset class and specific NFT.

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