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Front Launches to Change the Stock Market Game, Give Smart Investing Insights to the People

Give Smart Investing Insights to the People

Front introduces free investing app for iOS, Android to change the way people invest with smart FISCO technology

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (November 13, 2020) — Front, the first investing platform to give investors beyond Wall Street access to smart investing insights and powerful risk scoring technology, announced today the launch of the Front app for iOS and Android. Front’s FISCO technology rates risk with a personalized, data-driven score and helps investors learn how to make better investments. Front connects to popular trading apps, like Robinhood, to empower investors to invest with confidence.

“As much as 80 percent of individual investors lose money over time. Popular trading apps have made it easier than ever for anyone to invest in the stock market, but most lose money because they don’t know how to invest,” said Bam Azizi, Front’s Founder & CEO. “Front is here to change that. We believe everyone can be a smart investor with the right tools.”

The Front app is designed to make expert investing insights simple and put data-driven recommendations at the fingertips of every investor. Front’s exclusive FISCO stock scoring technology analyzes company financials, stock performance, news, and predictive models alongside investors’ personal investment portfolios to recommend personalized, data-driven investment strategies.

With Front, investors get:

  • Access to smart stock scores rated by a single FISCO number
  • Personalized, proactive investing recommendations and alerts
  • Real-time connections to trading apps, like Robinhood and TD Ameritrade
  • Advanced data security to ensure investor data is anonymous and safe

Front democratizes data-driven investing by putting smart, simple investing technology in the hands of every investor. Get the Front finance app on the Apple and Google Play app stores for free and start investing with confidence today.

See the original press release here.

About Front

Front is the first investing platform to give investors beyond Wall Street access to smart investing insights and powerful FISCO risk scoring technology. The Front app makes smart investing simple and connects to popular trading apps to invest with confidence. Front is on a mission to empower every investor to make better investments on their path to financial freedom. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company’s advisors bring experience from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Visa, Target, and more.

Get the Front finance app for iOS and Android for free on the app stores today. Learn more at


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