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Front Is Changing The Game For Investors Everywhere

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Investing isn’t fair for everyone. Novice investors are constantly at risk of losing insurmountable amounts of money due to a lack of proper information and experience. Strategy isn’t something that a new investor can learn overnight, and those of us who want to invest casually are at a disadvantage every time we place a trade.

The main factors that differentiate retail investors from Wall Street firms or powerful hedge funds amount to resources and experience. Retail investors fall short when they are stuck thumbing through endless financial journals and lacking the proper tools to accurately process their research into a strategic trade. Investors who want to start putting money into the market are dissuaded when they have to hire a financial advisor or stockbroker to place trades for them.

In the world of commission-free trading, retail investors are able to invest freely. But freedom doesn’t ensure prosperity. Finally, we have a solution.

The Front Finance app is now available for iOS and Android store.

Using Front, retail investors have the essential resources and information available at their fingertips. Front’s exclusive algorithms give people access to smart stock picks and important insights to help make better investment decisions. For the first time ever, new investors can mitigate risk and learn how to invest strategically all in one place.

Here’s how Front works.

The first thing Front users will do after downloading the free app is to integrate their brokerage account of choice. This could be popular brokers like Robinhood or TD Ameritrade. From there, Front will ask you to select your areas of interest. After these categories are selected, Front will start making stock recommendations and provide access to important resources on a consistent basis.

With 25% of the stock market consisting of millennial traders flooding the market with commission-free apps like Robinhood, our data indicates a significant majority of this demographic risks losing money within the first year.

“80% of normal investors lose money over time. There are a lot of people who don’t see any value from using popular brokers and trading apps on their own. We’re here to change that,” said CEO Bam Azizi when asked about his motivation for starting Front.

Bam’s story begins during the 2008 financial crisis when he witnessed countless families and friends lose their money, their livelihoods, and their homes. Fast forward to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and yet another recession, Bam decided it was time to act.

The app’s groundbreaking interface utilizes a FISCO number to recommend smart stock picks based on specific criteria. Each FISCO number is developed by analyzing historical data, the user’s investment portfolio, news, and predictive models.

Until today, there has never been a free finance app available like Front. For the first time ever, investors do not need to work with a financial manager or expensive stockbroker. Front finally gives retail investors the ability to play the market confidently with data-driven insights. and seamlessly. To learn more about Front, go to app.getfront.com and follow them on Instagram!

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