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Front Gave $5,000 to One Lucky Investor | Congrats Carrie from Michigan!

Front Gave $5,000

2020 is done and gone. 2021 couldn’t come soon enough! The Front team is thinking about how we can do our part to make 2021 better. Community, sharing, giving back–these are all things that have been more difficult to do without physically coming together. COVID-19 has put financial stress on a lot of people across this country. While we’re over here talking about the power of investing your money, it’s only fair to recognize that in order to invest, you have to have some money to invest apart from what it takes to simply live.

So, to kick off 2021 in style, and celebrate the official launch of our free app, we’re doing some investing of our own–in you! Every month, one lucky winner will get thousands of dollars from Front to boost their 2021 finances. All it takes to enter to win is to download the app, share it with your unique link, and get three people to download it! OR, follow Front on Instagram, like our February giveaway post, and tag three friends. Do this by February 28, 2021 and, who knows, you could be our next giveaway winner. Did we mention that the February prize is $7,000?!

Congratulations to our January $5K Giveaway Winner: Carrie from Rochester Hills, Michigan

Carrie Won $5K from Front!

All of a sudden and just like that, Carrie S. from Rochester Hills, Michigan is $5,000 richer.

“Your heart just stops. It’s a big thing. It’s like, is this for real?”

Yes, Carrie, it’s for real.

Our hearts are bursting to know that we can make your 2021 a little bit brighter. How did Carrie win? She was tagged by one of her friends on January’s giveaway post on Front’s Instagram and decided to give it a try. The power of friends! Next time, this could be you. 🙂 Our giveaway winners are randomly selected giving everyone an equal shot at the prize.

Carrie’s Story

From photojournalist and digital photo retoucher to new mom and freelancer, Carrie was most recently working as a youth fitness instructor at schools in her area. That is, until the pandemic hit. The schools closed and the program she was working for shut down, unable to outlive the pandemic-induced closures. Unemployed and a single mom to two young girls, Carrie turned loss into opportunity, eventually able to find a job as a COVID-19 contract tracer in Michigan. She follows up with those who have tested positive, asking about symptoms and encouraging people to stay safe and quarantine.

Carrie could hardly believe that she was Front’s first lucky winner. This $5,000 gift couldn’t have come at a better time. She tells us she’s excited to upgrade her 20-year-old computer with a new laptop and is planning on saving and investing the rest of the money. Good call, Carrie! And, congratulations from the entire Front team.

Want to throw your name in the hat for Front’s February Giveaway? This time, we’re upping the ante and giving away $7,000!

Enter for your chance to win by February 28, 2021.

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