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Front celebrates 100K users & welcomes Dustin Kirkland to advisory board

Front Prime

2021 saw an increase of companies bringing modernization to the financial services industry. From a private equity perspective, last year was by far one of the best for fintech, raising $91.5B in global fundings, nearly doubling 2020 total investments. This increase in demand might be an answer to the recent boom of retail investors eager for more clarity and access to market information. 

Keeping that momentum going, Front can’t be more thrilled to announce that more than 100k fellow traders have downloaded the app, and now enjoy our investment platform that gives them a holistic view of their portfolio across different asset classes such as Equity and Crypto. Front is powered by institutional-grade Data and AI-based tools like the Front Score, to enable Front users to become better investors.

Front is also delighted to welcome product management executive and fintech veteran Dustin Kirkland as a new advisor, as we continue to push forward market data democratization. Dustin has led product strategy at Canonical Ubuntu, Google Cloud, and Apex Fintech Solutions and brings a wealth of technology, product, and industry expertise to the team.

Join our 100K+ Front community and connect your brokerage account for tailored portfolio improvements and innovative stock insights. The app is available for iOS and Android. 

Connect your broker to track all your investments here.

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