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FinTech startup Front to fix problems 80% of retail investors face every year.

FinTech startup

Leveling the playing field for the everyday investor.

It’s no secret that playing the stock market has always been an uneven game. New investors are especially subject to a lack of proper resources and a flood of misinformation guiding their stock picks on a regular basis. Front is here to change that. With retail investors now making up more than 25% of the stock market, there is a pandemic that is happening as we speak with 80% of them losing their savings due to a lack of strategy and ability.

Front is the cutting-edge app that active investors integrate with their brokerage accounts to receive guidance and recommendations on their stock picks. Just like a copilot, Front still leaves investors with the responsibility to fly the plane but offers the right coordinates for a successful landing at their financial destinations.  

Utilizing a semi-automated approach analyzing market data and relevant news, Front gives users easy access to the right information needed to make a safe and successful investment.

Front’s unique story. 

After watching thousands of people lose their life savings and their financial foundations crumbling under them during the 2008 recession, Front CEO Bam Azizi decided to do something about it. 

Bam’s goal is to change the way investors play the market and give the advantage back to the everyday investor. While powerful financial firms and hedge funds are winning, millions of others are suffering at the hands of volatile markets and misinformation. On October 23, that reality will come to a halt. 

“80% of retail investors are losing money after 12 months – creating a large market of consumers that don’t get any value from using popular brokerage products on their own,” said CEO Bam Azizi when asked what inspired him to start Front. Bam and his team believe leaving new investors to fend for themselves is wrong and creates an unfair and dangerous environment for the larger majority trying to make an honest living. This is the motivation to get Front into the hands of investors all over. 

Launching October 23, 2020, Front will change the game for good and finally give users the power to invest like the pros. 

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