5 key indicators to understand the s&p 500 performance

5 Key Indicators to Understand the S&P 500 Performance

There are 5 key indicators to understand the S&P 500 performance: Performance map, Volume, RSI, Fear and Greed index and Federal Interest Rates.

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How is Inflation Measured?

How is inflation measured: the easy way is to measure the increase in prices of products, goods and services. Countries measure inflation through standardized inflation indexes like the CPI, PCE or PPI.

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Can market risk be diversified?

Can Market Risk Be Diversified?

Can market risk be at the very least diversified? The short answer for this is no. But, the long answer is yes, market risk can be diversified to some degree by having a diverse portfolio.

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Rents Might Have Peaked, But They're Still Too Damn High

Rents Might Have Peaked, But They’re Still Too Damn High

Mortgage rates climbed in conjunction with the Fed hikes, which has led to plunging home sales and price gains starting to reverse. In spite of that, housing prices have stayed hot.

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are bond etfs for beginners

Are Bond ETFs for Beginners?

bond ETFs could be a good option as investors don’t have to actively follow every move of bonds within the ETF as it’s managed by SEC-registered investment advisers

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are bond etfs safe during a recession

Are Bond ETFs Safe During a Recession?

Considering that we are in a recession, however, one may wonder if bond ETFs remain “safe haven” assets during a recession. Bond ETFs have been less volatile than the general stock market and had a healthy dividend.

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A Beginners Guide to Residual Return

Let us introduce you to a concept known as Residual Return. This calculation is how much return you are generating, based on the market risk adjusted

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what does it mean to move to cash_

What Does It Mean to “Move to Cash”?

Moving to cash is exactly like it sounds like: people liquidate their assets in order to carry cash around, usually because they believe that their cash will have more purchasing power in the future.

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Is stagflation worse than inflation_

Is Stagflation Worse than Inflation?

As we mentioned earlier, high inflation is only one ingredient of stagflation, so it theoretically makes it worse than inflation alone. Also, some inflation is not necessarily bad.

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How can bonds help diversify the portfolio of beginner investors (1)

How Can the Bond Market Help Beginner Investors Diversify their Portfolio?

Bond Markets could help beginner investors achieve some sense of stability for their portfolio: when every other investment is going South, bonds are another asset class that can be used to diversify one’s portfolio and keep it stable

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