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Front allows you to connect different brokerage accounts and crypto wallets to see the greater picture of your portfolio. All your assets, and all your trades, in one single app.

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Becoming an investor is easy. Making investment decisions is hard.

Front is not just another fintech company. We’re on a mission to give people an all-in-one app that inspires better practices for active investing.

Our Story

In 2020 alone, at least 10 million new investment accounts were created and retail trading activity doubled. Fueled by meme stocks, WallStreetBets conversations spiked above 800,000 a day, while daily Robinhood app downloads topped 400,000–now totaling 20 million users by some estimates. Most are new millennial and Gen Z investors, without prior investing knowledge outside of social media.

Front was founded in 2020, but our story starts in 2008. Front’s CEO and co-founder, Bam Azizi, saw firsthand how market crashes hit everyday investors the hardest. Now, tens of millions more lives will change dramatically when the market makes corrections or sharp ups and downs.

With an inflated market and more volatility, more is at stake than ever before. For young, active retail investors, this means being vulnerable to the increasingly dramatic stock market swings that could wipe out savings, cause crushing debt, or wreak havoc on financial stability.

That’s why Front is building technology to put the power of data-driven, strategic investing in people’s hands. We strive to give everyone a chance to build stronger financial futures.

Founding Team

  • Bam Azazi

    Bam Azizi

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Front Staff

    Adam Israel

    COO & Co-Founder

  • Front Staff

    Juan David Rodriguez, CFA

    VP, Growth & Analytics

  • Raha Yassini

    Head of Product

  • Dara Rahimzadeh

    VP, Partnerships

  • Ana Shaposhnyk

    Head of UX

Business Advisory Board

  • Front Staff

    Eddy Zuaiter

    Managing Member & Chief Investment Officer at Zuaiter Capital Holdings, LLC and Ex-COO at Soros Fund Management

  • Front Staff

    Selim Aissi

    SVP at Ellie Mae and Ex-VP at Visa

  • Front Staff

    Chris Bishko

    Ex-SFO at Credible and Ex-Partner at Omidyar Venture

  • Front Staff

    David Andre

    CSO at Google and Ex-CEO at Cerebellum Quant Fund

  • Front Staff

    Jim DuBois

    Partner at Ignition (Fuse) Partners and Ex-CIO at Microsoft

  • front staff

    Govind Balakrishnan

    SVP of Creative Cloud Services at Adobe

  • Front Staff

    Shahriyar Matloub

    Director of AI at Target and Ex-VP at Knight Capital Group

  • Front Staff

    Dan Rubinstein

    CEO of Physera, and Ex-Google and Facebook

  • Front Staff

    Chris Eoyang

    VP of Boom and Ex-Partner at Goldman Sachs

  • Front Staff

    Shawn Douglass

    CEO and Co-Founder at Amberdata and Ex-Partner at EMC Venture

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